Over the years, Questroyal Fine Art has produced unique, high-quality publications featuring works from our diverse collection of American paintings. Through our catalogues, we strive to inspire and educate our clients by sharing our insight and appreciation for American art.

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  • A Call to the Wild: Important Hudson River School Landscapes

    Exhibition Catalogue, 2019

  • Look into the Shadows

    A spotlight on the popular and trendy casts a shadow on artists who have been revered in three different centuries, creating an opportunity to find timeless values for all who are willing to forego contemporary preference.

    February, 2019

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  • Choose With Your Heart Part 6

    If you dare, here are eighteen paintings with signatures obscured and nothing to persuade you except you! Choose with your heart first, ask questions later.

    January, 2019

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  • The Gift of Art

    Art is the gift of a lifetime, present at every milestone, the ultimate perpetuator of memory and sentiment. Unlike any other possession, it is beyond the reach of obsolescence.

    Do something really exciting this holiday season. Give a gift that will last forever.

    December, 2018

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  • The Hot List

    Certain paintings command attention. They appeal even to those who may have little interest in the style or subject matter. We call these paintings “hot.” They instigate thought and remain within one’s memory long after others have been forgotten.

    November, 2018

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  • Important American Paintings, Volume XIX: Art Changes Everything

    Hardbound, 96 pages, 37 color plates

    Fall 2018

  • Ask Questions

    Ask questions! It is the only way to enrich your understanding of art and the best way to determine if you are working with the right gallery.

    April 2018

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  • Tom Yost: At the Edge of Truth

    Exhibition catalogue, 2018

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  • Pros vs Cons

    Every asset has pros and cons. A discussion that includes adverse factors will lead to a greater understanding of a particular painting, and increase a prospective purchaser’s confidence.

    January 2018

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  • The Last New World: Important Hudson River School Paintings

    Exhibition catalogue, 2018

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  • Choose With Your Heart | Part 5

    Twenty-one works by important American painters. Artists' names withheld.

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    February 2018

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  • 21 under 21

    Twenty-one paintings all under $21,000
    All of the paintings we have selected are by artists whose work is included in important museum collections.

    December 2017

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  • BOUND FOR POSTERITY: Henry Martin Gasser (1909–1981)

    Exhibition Catalogue, 2017

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  • The You Are Not Alone Concept

    When a painting meets our rigorous standards, we buy it. This is the only way to prove our conviction. And if you decide to buy it, you will know that a gallery—whose survival depends on making the right choice—stands with you.

    November 2014

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  • The WHY Catalogue

    Why not buy what you love — seek rational values.

    May 2014

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  • The 20|50 Proposition

    If at least twenty museums think an artist’s work is important enough to include in their collections, shouldn’t you? Twenty-one paintings all under $50,000

    February 2014

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  • Choose with Your Heart

    Sometimes, the paintings that bring the greatest joy are not those by the most famous artists. Twenty-one works by important American painters; artists’ names withheld. Let your heart decide!

    January 2014

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  • Art vs. Stocks and Bonds

    A Comprehensive Analysis of the Investment Potential of American Art Second Edition

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