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It makes sense to have great art in your home, but the financial commitment is substantial. So, who can you really trust to make you aware of the many factors that impact value? Unlike galleries that offer consigned paintings, we own the nearly all the paintings we sell; nothing is a better indicator of our confidence. Over 1,000 different individuals, including museums and the world’s most discerning collectors, have purchased from us because we tell the truth.

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Over the years of collecting Hudson River School paintings, we have bought ten from Lou and Brent. Each of them is a gem. Indeed, nine of the ten have appeared in museum exhibitions…It has been a pleasure to deal with Lou, Brent, and the staff at Questroyal. They are courteous, helpful, and knowledgeable. They really appreciate the passion that collectors feel for their acquisitions and are very fair in their negotiations with those of us who do not have unlimited funds. Questroyal Fine Art is a gallery with a heart and a soul.

The latest catalog from Questroyal shouldn’t really be called a catalog. It is more like a treasure chest of pictures that you just want to look at and look at. This year’s book has been enhanced by extreme close ups, so you can see the artists’ strokes. Seeing these pictures, it is easy to imagine the making of them, which pulls you into the joy of painting if not also the appreciation of that painting. I do believe that Brent and Louis Salerno have the most upright, transparent, and accessible approach to the art market.

I am not a “big fish” in the art world, but that has never mattered at Questroyal. It took one year and three visits to make my first purchase from the gallery, but there was never any pressure nor feeling of being rushed. I was treated with personal attention at each visit, and that was the start of a wonderful relationship.

I have purchased about ten paintings from Questroyal Fine Art and would categorize myself as a “budding” collector of relatively modest means. I have very much appreciated Questroyal’s practical approach of allowing me to acquirefine art reasonably. Lou, Brent, and Chloe are extremely nice and knowledgeable people who will work to satisfy your particular goals.

Our trust in Lou, Brent, and Chloe brings us back year after year. More than just selling fine examples of American art, the team at Questroyal generously shares their knowledge and enthusiasm.

You waited every year until we resolved our ambivalence and purchased our first painting, no pressure, just understanding and patience.

Let me say that your attention and patience with me during my purchase was a wonderful experience.

Questroyal is well capitalized and therefore has staying power. At Questroyal, the next generation, Brent Salerno, is very much part of the business so you know that they are going to be around for a long time.

We have enjoyed the receptions you hosted and have been thrilled with the paintings we have purchased from you. We particularly like Louis’s essays and his poetic reaction to the artwork.

You have been a real pleasure to do business with; you are consistently fair and honorable.

I am pleased to share my views of Lou Salerno and Questroyal. Quite simply put, in my view there is no finer, fairer, or more enthusiastic dealer of nineteenth-century American art in New York City (or anywhere else) than Lou Salerno. With Lou the client comes first, period.

Their extensive expertise and guidance has been invaluable.

Questroyal Fine Art is a national treasure because it offers its clients participation in a larger project: the conservation of an important part of America’s history, culture, and identity. For this we are most grateful to the staff at Questroyal.

I visited at least two dozen reputable galleries and found, much to my dismay, that I was not taken seriously or made comfortable. I saw a painting I admired online and phoned Questroyal for an appointment. Lou Salerno, the owner, greeted me personally. We spent a good deal of time in a wide-ranging discussion that helped me to explain my interests and define my goals. Lou was kind, attentive, and, most importantly, he listened. The works I own were bought at a fair and competitive price and are of the highest quality. Lou, Brent, and the staff are now like close family friends. Questroyal Fine Art will always be my dealer of choice.

It is a matter of trust: Questroyal has more than fulfilled that requirement. Knowing that we have purchased important paintings that have ongoing value for us and our children from a gallery that we trust brings complete peace of mind.

We’ve been loyal customers of Questroyal for years, with Questroyal paintings anchoring our collection. Lou is both a very good person and a friend, and the art we’ve bought from him has stood the test of time. Glad to see the next generation carrying it on. Our very best.

Without denigrating others, I have to say that my experience over the years both as a collector of Hudson River School art and knowing Lou Salerno and his team at Questroyal has provided knowledge, value, and delight exceeding any others.

Lou and his team have been invaluable to our family’s growing art collection. At every step, they have taken the time to steer us in the right direction and to help us make wise decisions. Lou is a true gentleman and a great friend, and someone you can always count on to honor any agreement you have made.

Honesty, Integrity, Sincerity, Transparency, Wisdom, Excellence; these are the words which immediately come to mind as I contemplate my experiences with Questroyal Fine Art. Any preconceived notions you may have about a museumquality gallery on Park Avenue as stuffy or unapproachable will quickly dissipate.

After a nearby appointment, I suggested we go to Questroyal Fine Art since we had never been there before. To our disappointment, the gallery was closed because the staff was busy setting up for an opening the following day. “But we’re in from Pennsylvania and thought it would be nice to stop in.” Well, everyone stopped what they were doing and gave us a private tour! We felt SO welcomed. Even though it was obvious that there was still so much work to do, the staff was kind and obliging, treating us like royalty! Since that day we have become steady clients of the gallery and wouldn’t shop anywhere else.

Questroyal’s devotion to the nineteenth-century American landscape painting that I so dearly love brings me back there again and again. And Lou, Brent, and Chloe are among the very nicest people I know in the art business.

Questroyal is our gallery of choice. Lou and his staff are knowledgeable, gracious, and pleasant to work with. We have purchased about ten beautiful paintings from them in the last few years and look forward to buying many, many more in the future.

While I have studied and admired Hudson River School and luminist paintings for decades, until my first visit to Questroyal Fine Art, I never expected to own such works. Since that first visit more than a decade ago, Lou has separated me from, by my standards, a large amount of money, to my daily satisfaction and enjoyment; and because the financial aspect of my transactions with Lou has always been favorable, I am free to enjoy the (as yet) untaxable dividend of pleasure that living with these paintings provides.

I can say that the last painting I bought from Questroyal was exquisite and the customer service is superb.

If you want knowledgeable people to provide you with fairly priced fine art, shop at Questroyal.

Over the last ten years, we have experienced at Questroyal all of the things one would expect from a leading American art gallery — the highest quality paintings, a professional and warm staff, a sincere commitment to scholarship, and, not to be underestimated, unquestionable integrity. Being a client of Questroyal means that you can pursue art on your own terms, whether it means buying your first painting after thinking about it for two months, or getting immersed in a complicated trade that Louis is engineering in your favor.

I think the aspect of Questroyal’s approach that I find most attractive is Lou’s — and now Brent’s — honesty and candor in discussing their paintings. In one case, they volunteered that the date of a painting we were considering was somewhat later than some collectors sought; they have always been careful to note any condition issues, even if not apparent to a naked or untrained eye; and they freely discuss economic issues when a price is beyond what we had hoped to pay. In all the cases I mentioned, their forthrightness gave us the confidence to buy the painting rather than the reverse.

I remember very vividly and fondly the Blakelock exhibition at the gallery a few years ago. It was an evening of magic so carefully orchestrated that the natural moonlight outside matched the luminous lighting of the wonderful paintings in the gallery. There was an excitement filling the rooms that I have rarely experienced in a gallery event.

I simply love the Milton Avery that we bought several years ago. It has brought us such joy every day.

It is a pleasure to acknowledge many years of friendship and my deep gratitude as a satisfied client. Over several decades I have acquired dozens of paintings from Questroyal. I love them all and derive continued pleasure and enjoyment from them. Keep it up and many thanks for your help in getting me these masterpieces of American art at affordable prices.





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