Hudson River School

A like-minded group of 19th-century painters who turned to the vast, unspoiled landscape of North America for inspiration, establishing a timely and distinctive American art form.

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Inness-Campfire at Sunset
George Inness
Campfire at Sunset
A Bright Afternoon-Alfred Thompson Bricher
Alfred Thompson Bricher
A Bright Afternoon
William Frederick de Haas
South Coast of Block Island
F. Alexander Wust
Sunset Landscape
Jasper Francis Cropsey
Under the Palisades
Jasper Francis Cropsey
View on the Connecticut
Frederick Rondel
Winter Landscape
Edward Moran
New York Harbor
William Hart
Reminiscence of Vermont
Winckworth Allan Gay
Sandy Beach, Cohasset
Worthington Whittredge
A Mountain Trail, Colorado
Edward Moran
Bay of New York at Sunrise
Albert Bierstadt
Forest near Saratoga
James Renwick Brevoort
Twilight in the Marshes
James Renwick Brevoort
Summer Landscape
William Bradford
Lights of the Aurora
Francis Augustus Silva
View on the Hudson, the Catskills in the Distance
William Trost Richards
Study of Three Coastal Scenes
James Hamilton
Coastal Scene at Sunset with Ships
George Curtis
Sailing Outside Boston
Jasper Francis Cropsey
Niagara Falls with View of Clifton House
William Rickarby Miller
The Rapelye Homestead, Bowery Bay, Long Island
Sanford Robinson Gifford
A Sketch of Derwentwater
John William Hill
On the Hudson Looking North
Thomas Moran
Grand Canyon
David Johnson
Pompton, New Jersey
John Frederick Kensett
Mount Chocorua
Seth Eastman
Road-Side View (View in Wisconsin)
Ralph Albert Blakelock
The Mountain Lake
Worthington Whittredge
Trout Fisherman in a Mountain Stream
John Williamson
Indian Summer
Mauritz Frederik Hendrik de Haas
Figures Along the Coast with Sailboats
Samuel Colman
Rocky Beach, Pacific Coast
Jasper Francis Cropsey
Autumn Landscape with Cattle
William Bradford
Rocky Shore
Ernest Parton
View by a Lake