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This exhibition and sale features work created by our American masters. It includes paintings by Thomas Moran and Albert Bierstadt, whose awe-inspiring canvases of the West encouraged the creation of our national parks; Sanford Robinson Gifford, whose command of Luminism established a visual poetry that rivals the literary genius of his contemporaries; Charles Burchfield, whose modernist conceptions acquaint the viewer with the artist’s deeply personal relationship with the forest; Rockwell Kent, whose visions of Alaska reawaken a lost sense of wonder; and the immutable Grandma Moses, who takes us home to contemplate a simpler place and time.

We present over fifty paintings by artists whose work has endured the progression of time, remaining vital even as the cultural values of each successive generation have changed. These masters aspired to a perfection that is not determined by formula or conferred by intellect but by an understanding of unassailable truths inherent to the ages. Theirs is an art that transcends the preferences of any time or place, assuring the lasting extension of its century-old inclusion in our museums.

This is an art that will prevail, an art to believe in.

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