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Blakelock-Into the Night
Ralph Albert Blakelock
Into the Night
Stella-Tropical Flower with Azalea
Joseph Stella
Tropical Flower with Azalea
Stella-Flowers, Vertical
Joseph Stella
Flowers, Vertical
Silva-On the North River
Francis Augustus Silva
On the North River
Inness-Campfire at Sunset
George Inness
Campfire at Sunset
Harnett-Two Ounces
William Michael Harnett
Two Ounces
Blakelock-Indian Encampment at Sunset
Ralph Albert Blakelock
Indian Encampment at Sunset
Blakelock-Indian Encampment
Ralph Albert Blakelock
Indian Encampment
Waugh-Sunset, Coast of Sark Channel Islands, English Channel
Frederick Judd Waugh
Sunset, Coast of Sark Channel Islands, English Channel
Wyeth-Antler Chair
Andrew Wyeth
Antler Chair
Bror Julius Olsson Nordfeldt
Carlson-Sea-Ward Bound
John Fabian Carlson
Sea-Ward Bound
Behind Mill's Mansion, 2023-Keith Kattner
Keith Kattner
Behind Mill’s Mansion
Portsmouth Harbor, New Hampshire-William Glackens
William Glackens
Portsmouth Harbor, New Hampshire
A Bright Afternoon-Alfred Thompson Bricher
Alfred Thompson Bricher
A Bright Afternoon
Magnolia Tree, 2023 - Keith Kattner (b. 1961)
Keith Kattner
Magnolia Tree
Sketch from Nature: Pear Tree in Blossom, 1874 - David Johnson (1827–1908)
David Johnson
Sketch from Nature: Pear Tree in Blossom
Cloudscape - Eric Sloane (1905–1985)
Eric Sloane
Vase of Flowers - Alfred H. Maurer (1868–1932)
Alfred H. Maurer
Vase of Flowers
Guy C. Wiggins
Winter on Killingworth Hills
Henry Martin Gasser
Winter Night
Frederick Rondel
Winter Landscape
Henry Hobart Nichols
Alfred Gwynne Morang
Village Scene, Ellsworth, Maine
Jasper Francis Cropsey
View on the Connecticut
Francis Hopkinson Smith
Venice (Canal View Along the Fondamenta S. Giuseppe)
Francis Hopkinson Smith
Venice (A View from the Ponte Sant’ Eufemia on the Giudecca)
Jasper Francis Cropsey
Under the Palisades
Irving Ramsay Wiles
The Village Street
Johann Berthelsen
The Little Church around the Corner
F. Alexander Wust
Sunset Landscape
Ralph Albert Blakelock
Sunset Landscape
William Stanley Haseltine
Sunset Glow, Roman Campagna
Frank Weston Benson
Sun Glare
Hermann Herzog
Summer on the Delaware
Joseph Stella
Still Life with Oranges