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This exhibition and sale offers a window into facets of American life throughout the late-nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Over forty distinctive works will be on display, each created by historically significant American artists, including—Thomas Moran, Fairfield Porter, Charles Burchfield, and Andrew Wyeth. The exhibition invites viewers to consider the stylistic shifts in nineteenth- and twentieth-century American art, driven by the increasing modernization of the American landscape.

The featured artists exemplify this dramatic progression in American art. Seth Eastman’s Road-Side View (View in Wisconsin) and Thomas Moran’s Grand Canyon captured the unspoiled scenery of the American West through traditional landscape techniques of the late-nineteenth and early-twentieth centuries. Guy C. Wiggins represented the architectural achievements and bustling pace of urban life through evocative scenes like Winter in New York. With their whimsical and emotive depictions of nature, Charles Burchfield’s fantastical watercolors and abstracted forms, seen in Ancient Maples in August, introduced a new aesthetic to American modernism and expanded the genre of American landscape painting. Over centuries, these paintings have remained vital pieces of our cultural framework.

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