New Acquisitions Under $25,000 | August 2021

Published on August 19th, 2021 | Posted in Uncategorized

NEW ACQUISITIONS Under $25,000Henry Martin Gasser (1909–1981), Winter Night, Charcoal and gouache on paper, American modernist landscape paintingArthur Cohen (1928–2012), Brooklyn Bridge, 1994, oil on canvas, American modernist cityscape paintingDean L. Mitchell (b. 1957), Fishing on the Gulf, 2015, acrylic on board, American contemporary landscape paintingHayley Lever (1876–1958), Sunset over the City, oil on panel, American post-impressionist paintingJulian Onderdonk (1882–1922), Winter Morning, Sullivan County, New York, 1909, oil on panel, American impressionist landscape paintingReginald Marsh (1898–1954), The Statue of Liberty, watercolor and pencil on paper, American modernist cityscape paintingBen Bauer (b. 1980), Sömngångare, 2014, oil on linen, American contemporary landscape paintingBen Bauer (b. 1980), A Driftless Barnyard at Night, 2021, oil on aluminum panel, American contemporary landscape paintingHarry Leith-Ross (1886–1973), Daytura, oil on board, American still-life paintingLevi Wells Prentice (1851–1935), A Basket of Apples, oil on canvas, American still-life paintingRalph Albert Blakelock (1847–1919), Twilight Landscape with Canoe, oil on panel, American visionary landscape paintingRockwell Kent (1882–1971), The Kiss, watercolor and pencil on paper, American modernist figure paintingJasper Francis Cropsey (1823–1900), Autumn on the Lake, 1892, watercolor on paper, Hudson River School landscape paintingView over 150 deeply discounted paintings at