A Word on Our Promotional Campaigns

Published on May 29th, 2020 | Posted in Uncategorized

We often get comments about our ads and questions about who does our copywriting. Lou is our genius! Here are some excerpts from a few of our favorite advertising campaigns:



Ignore the latest trends.

Defy current fashion.

Time is the best critic.

Seek art that is worthy of the ages, not the headlines.

It is wise to BE UNCOOL!

Eric Sloane (1905–1985), Hill Farm, oil on board, 24¼ x 36¼ inches, inscribed and signed lower left: HILL FARM / SLOANE––

Perhaps you own the best gadgets, the coolest fashions, and the swiftest cars. But the next generation’s hipper iterations have already been imagined. When all else is replaced, improved, or obsolete, your paintings will dignify your home, provoke thought and conversation, and say the most about who you are. It is wise to be uncool.

Eric Sloane’s art has remained relevant more than 30 years after his death and is included in several museum collections.

On Eric Sloane, Lou writes: “The virtues he cherished live on in paintings rooted in simplicity. For those of us who do not need the slick and the popular, this is an art that reeks of the earth and speaks with the authority of the ages.”



There isn’t any other possession that contributes as much dignified beauty to your home. Consider this striking work by Frederick Judd Waugh, a premier American painter with representation in over 50 museum collections, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Smithsonian American Art Museum, and the White House.

Frederick Judd Waugh (1861–1940), Moonlight, 1893, oil on canvas, 26 x 46 7/16 inches, signed and dated lower right: • FREDERICK • JUDD • WAUGH 1893.



It was considered to be taboo when, ten years ago, we decided to establish a summer sale that deeply discounted many of our best American paintings. It was something sophisticated galleries didn’t do. We’d rather be passionate than sophisticated. These sales generate funds to supplement the coming season’s buying opportunities, and offer the possibility of a great acquisition for you. This year’s sale will feature over 100 deeply discounted paintings by historically important American artists, most offered near, at, or below cost. For three decades, we have committed our capital to acquire the best and most sensibly priced American paintings, and over 1,000 individuals and museums have purchased from our gallery.



When significance and rarity will determine art’s value. When we understand that what is classic belongs to the ages and what is timeless is far more valuable than what is timely. The pioneering American landscapes of the Hudson River School have been exhibited by the nation’s best museums in three different centuries. Consider them for yourself and for your children and for their children.