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Entranced by the visual power of the Hudson River Valley, Tom Yost has dedicated the last several years to capturing the beauty of this majestic region. As a conservator of fine art, Yost has had the opportunity to closely study and restore paintings by nineteenth- and twentieth-century American masters—an opportunity which has undoubtedly had a tremendous influence on his original work. In choosing to focus on the Hudson River, Yost joins a three hundred year legacy of artists who have sought to capture these stunning landscapes, while imbuing the subject with his own unique style.

Yost writes, “My objective as a landscape painter is to create realistic images of nature that go beyond the mere description of a scene. It is my intent to capture the atmospheric quality of a particular location and to impart that sense of a special place and time.”[1] That “special place and time” is indeed evident in Yost’s depictions of the Hudson River Valley. Focusing on the area of upstate New York that spans from the Palisades to Olana State Historic Site, Yost often hikes along the dramatic elevations of the east and west banks of the Hudson onto the high ridges of the Catskills in search of the most beautiful and evocative viewpoints. His plein air paintings possess an intense energy and freshness, while his studio work demonstrates a concentrated and careful study of the region. Initially inspired by the great American masters he studied, Yost’s paintings are nevertheless uniquely modern, evocative of a sense of stillness and contemplation.

Yost has received honors from the New Britain Museum of American Art, the Flanders Nature Center & Land Trust in Woodbury, Connecticut, and was invited by the Connecticut Arts Council to exhibit his paintings in the Chambers of the State Majority Leader, Connecticut State Capitol Building in Hartford. His work may be found in the collections of The Florence Griswold Museum and the New Britain Museum of American Art, as well as in numerous private collections. Yost was most recently invited to show his work at the New Britain Museum of American Art in the solo exhibition Tom Yost: A Modern Realist, May 15 through September 27, 2015.

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