Conrad Diehl

Artist Biography

Conrad Diehl was a well-regarded landscape, history, and still life painter, who also had a noted career as an art instructor and author. Born in Germany, Diehl spent his childhood in the Midwest; his father’s status as a revolutionary leader forced the family to flee to the United States after the German Revolution of 1848. Diehl returned to Europe in 1860 to study art in Munich and train under Jean Leon Gerome in Paris. Upon his return to the United States, he settled in Chicago, where he gained recognition for his paintings’ remarkable trompe l’oeil specificity. Diehl played an integral role in establishing the Chicago Academy of Design and gained recognition as an art teacher, drawing students to the St. Louis School of Fine Art and serving as a Professor and Chairman of the Art Department of the University of Missouri-Columbia in St. Louis. His pedagogic interests led him to write several books: “Art: Its Relation to Education and The Industries” (1880), “Prevailing Error in Art Education” (1882), and “Diehl’s Anatomy for Artists and Students” (1888).

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