Waterfall, Woodstock, NY

by Hayley Lever (1876–1958)
Watercolor on paper
14⅜ x 17⅜ inches (sight size)



Clayton-Liberatore Art Gallery, Bridgehampton, New York

Spanierman Gallery, New York, New York, by 2012

Private collection, Bath, Somerset, England


The Arkansas Art Center, Little Rock, Arkansas, 44th Collector’s Show & Sale, November 30–December 30, 2012

Artist Biography

A skilled painter of Post-Impressionist marine and seaport scenes.

By Chelsea DeLay

Art is the re-creation of mood in line, form and color.
—Hayley Lever

I. Biography
II. Chronology
III. Collections
IV. Exhibitions
V. Memberships
VI. Suggested Resources
VII. Notes

I. Biography

Richard Hayley Lever was born on September 28, 1876 in the South Australian town of Adelaide. During his youth, Lever attended Prince Alfred College, where his rudimentary artistic talent caught the eye of art instructor James Ashton. A painter himself, Ashton became a faculty mentor to Lever, instilling in him an appreciation for draftsmanship and drawing.[2] After his graduation in 1891, Lever made up his mind to

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