SOLD The Gulf of Monaco, 1867

by George Loring Brown
Watercolor on paper
8¾ x 13⅞ inches
Signed and dated lower left: Geo. Loring Brown – ‘67

Artist Biography

One of the most celebrated expatriate American artists, George Loring Brown is known for his Claudian landscape paintings. Born in Boston in 1814, Brown got his start as a wood engraver, apprenticing with illustrators Abel Brown (1790–1850) and Alonzo Hartwell (1805–1873). Brown’s illustration and printmaking skills quickly progressed and he soon expanded to painting at a friend’s encouragement. In 1832, he sold his first painting for a sizable sum to a serious Boston collector. The proceeds from the painting, said to be around $50, afforded Brown passage to Paris, where he studied for several years with French Romanticist Eugene Isabey

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This painting is no longer available. Please contact us for similar works or more information.

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