SOLD The Great White Way, 1982

by Alec Montroy (1918–2006)
Oil on canvas
24 x 48 inches
Inscribed lower left: The Great White Way…; on verso: Times Square 1900 / 1982

Artist Biography

Featured in the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of the American Indian, Alec Montroy’s work is characterized by colorful scenes of New York painted in the style of Pointillism. Montroy was born in Detroit, Michigan, to Munsee, Cree, and French parents with ancestry from the Munsee Reserve in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada. His father died when Montroy was young, and he spent time living with a family in the United States while his mother lived on a reserve in Canada and traveled, working as a dancer in a chorus line. Montroy taught art at Michigan State College and Wayne University in

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This painting is no longer available. Please contact us for similar works or more information.

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