Design Notes: The details that make the look

Jane Peterson’s Harbor Scene, featured in the July/August 2020 issue of Architectural Digest.


Current and Coming: Exhibition and Auction Notes

Ten Great American Painters and Their Brilliant Rivals features some 130 paintings by Bierstadt, Gifford, Kensett and peers such as Frederic Church, Thomas Moran, and Jasper Francis Cropsey. Alongside their paintings, the gallery is presenting works by underappreciated members of the school like Samuel Colman, Hermann Herzog, and Alexander Helwig Wyant.


A Call to the Wild

Questroyal Fine Art presents more than 125 19th-century landscapes during its annual Hudson River School exhibition


Genius and Madness

On November 11, Questroyal Fine Art in New York will open a historic exhibition of museum-level quality and scope, Ralph Albert Blakelock: The Great Mad Genius Returns.


Questroyal’s Recent Ralph Albert Blakelock Exhibition Draws Huge Crowds

The exhibit was especially well attended, with patrons visiting from as far away as Russia, and the gallery was at full capacity during the opening event.


Opus in Fire and Darkness

Consult the excellent essays in the catalog that accompanies Questroyal Fine Art’s heroic exhibition of 125 of Blakelock’s paintings, “Ralph Albert Blakelock: The Great Mad Genius Returns.”


Moonlit Landscapes From a Tormented Painter’s Lucid Moments

From Nov. 11 through Dec. 10, Questroyal Fine Art gallery in Manhattan will show about 125 works in “Ralph Albert Blakelock: The Great Mad Genius Returns.”


“Added Values,” COLLECTION™ published by Robb Report, August 2013

Louis Salerno’s New York art gallery, Questroyal Fine Art doesn’t look or feel like a traditional art dealership. Instead, the 3,500-square-foot retail space evokes a sense of home, and that reflects Salerno’s own passions as a collector.


“Paintings of the Hudson River School,” ARTnews, May 2013

This impressive annual show pulled together many of the diverse strands of American landscape painting that fed into the Hudson River School.


“Gallery Q & A with Questroyal Fine Art,” artnet, February 2013

Since we don’t represent any living artists, we are on a constant search for the best quality examples of 19th- and 20th-century American Art that have the best values.


“A Personal Approach,” American Fine Art, September 2011

Questroyal Fine Art owner Lou Salerno strives for an intimate connection in the art he sells and who he sells it to.


“An Untamed Nation,” ARTnews, June 2011

This exhibition highlighted the extent to which the Hudson River tradition was integral to the changing 19th-century art movements.