SOLD New York City Scene

by Max Arthur Cohn (1903–1998)
Oil on canvas board
16 x 19⅞ inches
Signed lower left: MAX ARTHUR COHN



Sale, Fletcher Gallery, Woodstock, New York, May 29, 2011, lot 157

Private collection, New York, acquired from above

Sale, Bonhams, New York, New York, August 24, 2022, lot 37, from above

Artist Biography

Max Arthur Cohn is known for his New York City scenes, as well as rural landscapes and abstracted figures. Cohn emigrated to New York as a child in 1905. At seventeen, he found a job in the city creating commercial silkscreens. Cohn would continue experimenting with silkscreen techniques throughout his career, exhibiting his prints in New York City and Washington, DC throughout the 1930s and 1940s. He later ran a small graphic arts business in Manhattan, where he is credited with showing silkscreen techniques to a young Andy Warhol. Cohn would go on to write several books on silkscreening, including

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This painting is no longer available. Please contact us for similar works or more information.

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