SOLD Le Départ des cavaliers (Après la pluie) (The Departure of the Horsemen (After the Rain))

by André Brasilier (b. 1929)
Oil on canvas
25½ x 36 inches
Signed lower right: André Brasilier.; on stretcher bar: le depart des cavaliers


Sale, Sotheby’s, New York, New York, July 20, 2023, lot 425

Note: Alexis Brasilier, the artist’s son, has confirmed the authenticity of this work.

With its vivid palette and simplified forms, Le Départ des cavaliers (Après la pluie) epitomizes André Brasilier’s celebrated paintings of horses. Whether running freely or guided by riders, as seen in this depiction, the animals have become one of the artist’s most prominent motifs. Brasilier recounted, “Horses were my first models as I lived in the countryside at a Manor House with my parents,” continuing, “There is life and movement in the horse. I love horses in every way that they have evolved with us. From the dawn of art with the cave paintings, horses have always been a great love for mankind, a symbol of divinity.”[1]

[1] Andre Brasilier, quoted in Ben Church, “Andre Brasilier: Horses are a ‘symbol of divinity,’ says renowned French painter,” CNN, accessed August 15, 2023,

Artist Biography

Born in 1929 to a family of artists, André Brasilier grew up in the Loire Valley—an arcadian landscape that would heavily influence his work. Brasilier studied at the École des Beaux-Arts in Paris where he received numerous accolades, including the Grand Prix de Rome in 1953. His paintings most commonly depict dreamlike pastoral scenes with horses often reappearing throughout his oeuvre. Brasilier’s wife and muse, Chantal, is also a repeated subject, often portrayed arranging flowers. His canvases employ bright colors, ethereal shapes, and a flatness that verges on abstraction. Throughout his career, Brasilier has exhibited across the world, including a

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