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Eric Sloane
America Remembered
Carlson-Sea-Ward Bound
John Fabian Carlson
Sea-Ward Bound
Jasper Francis Cropsey
View on the Connecticut
Francis Hopkinson Smith
Venice (Canal View Along the Fondamenta S. Giuseppe)
Francis Hopkinson Smith
Venice (A View from the Ponte Sant’ Eufemia on the Giudecca)
Jasper Francis Cropsey
Under the Palisades
Frank Weston Benson
Sun Glare
Oliver Dennett Grover
San Giorgio Maggiore
William Hart
Reminiscence of Vermont
Eric Sloane
Morning Light
John Appleton Brown
Wooded River Landscape
Francis Hopkinson Smith
Venetian Afternoon
Max Kuehne
New York Skyline
Jack Lorimer Gray
Spuyten Duyvil (Bridges on the Hudson)
Jack Lorimer Gray
The Narrows, From the Belt Parkway, New York
Arthur Cohen
The Bridges
Van Dearing Perrine
Palisades Underpass
Van Dearing Perrine
Autumn Frost
James Renwick Brevoort
Twilight in the Marshes
James Renwick Brevoort
Summer Landscape
Francis Augustus Silva
View on the Hudson, the Catskills in the Distance
Irving Ramsay Wiles
Paddle Wheeler and Schooner on the River
Millard Owen Sheets
Oregon Landscape
William Merritt Post
River Landscape, Autumn
John William Hill
On the Hudson Looking North
David Johnson
Pompton, New Jersey
Eric Sloane
Fishing Below a Covered Bridge, Vermont
Richard E. Miller
River Fishing
Henry Prellwitz
Winter Creek
Worthington Whittredge
Trout Fisherman in a Mountain Stream
John Williamson
Indian Summer
Ogden Minton Pleissner
High Cliff at “Dog Pool”
Jasper Francis Cropsey
Autumn Landscape with Cattle
Frederick J. Mulhaupt
Winter Calm
Eric Sloane
Spring in Cambridge, Vermont
George Inness
Palisades on the Hudson