High Cliff at “Dog Pool”

by Ogden Minton Pleissner (1905–1983)
Watercolor on paper
18½ x 24⅜ inches (sight size)
Signed lower left: Pleissner

Artist Biography

Famous American Sporting Artist and a “Good Academician”[1]

By Amy Spencer

Ogden Pleissner was a realist artist whose passion for the outdoors translated as a powerful emotional presence in his paintings.

I. Biography
II. Chronology
III. Collections
IV. Exhibitions
V. Memberships
VI. Notes
VII. Suggested Resources

I. Biography

Ogden Minton Pleissner was a twentieth century artist whose traditional images of city scenes, landscapes, battle fields, and sporting subjects were realistically detailed, yet uniquely evocative. He had some academic art training; however, Pleissner always credited his painting skills to

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