SOLD Hauling Nets, Gloucester

by Edward Henry Potthast (1857–1927)
Watercolor, gouache, and pencil on paper
21⅛ x 14¼ inches (sight size)
Signed lower left: E. Potthast

Artist Biography

A talented American Impressionist artist known for his oeuvre of marine and beach scenes.

By Chelsea DeLay

I. Biography
II. Chronology
III. Collections
IV. Exhibitions
V. Memberships
VI. Suggested Resources
VII. Notes

I. Biography

Edward Henry Potthast was born June 10, 1857, and was raised by his parents in Cincinnati, Ohio. His father’s occupation as a carpenter provided a solid artistic foundation for Edward. As a child, while helping with his father’s woodwork, nine-year-old Potthast learned the fundamental principles of form and design which he would continue to use later in his career.[1] His father considered Edward’s hopes of becoming a successful artist as fruitless, and

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This painting is no longer available. Please contact us for similar works or more information.

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