Private collection, Palm Beach, Florida

Sale, Heritage, New York, New York, November 12, 2016, lot 68097, from above


Adelheid Dietrich was born in Wittenberg, Germany, and was the daughter and student of painter Eduard Dietrich (1803–1877). The primary focus of her work was floral still life, which she executed with a remarkable level of detail and precision. Dietrich’s botanical paintings resemble the work of seventeenth-century Dutch still-life painters in their intensity. She imbued her work with grace, skillfully combining delicacy and technicality. Dietrich’s compositions often feature a multicolored bouquet arranged within a glass vase, rendered to showcase the interplay of shadow and luminosity, and set against a darker background. There are approximately fifty known paintings by Dietrich; her work comprises a part of the prestigious John Wilmerding Collection in the National Gallery of Art, and may be found in numerous private collections.

Adelheid Dietrich (1827–1891)
Floral Still Life, 1868
Oil on canvas
16½ x 12⅜ inches
Signed and dated lower left: Adelheid Dietrich. 1868
+ Enlarged View
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