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NEW YORK FOREVER: Important Paintings of the World’s City

November 10 - December 30, 2021

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An Exhibition and Sale

Works by the most revered American painters of the past three centuries.

The New York Yankees, the Metropolitan Museum of Art, Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, Broadway, Wall Street, all are part of the city with an appeal that spans the globe. One that was—and remains—a beacon promising solace to the oppressed and hope to many dreamers. This is the city that welcomed our ancestors. We are forever bound to it by history and experience.

New York, the city of the world, is as enduring as the rock it rests upon, at the edge of the sea, the forefront of memory, and the summit of aspirations.

In this exhibition, fourteen artists have brought a fragment of its essence to canvas. A thousand miles of separation will not diminish the ability of any one of these paintings from bringing a bit of the great city into your home forever.

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Also on view at Questroyal Fine Art through December 30, The American Masters and CAPTIVATING SHORES: Tom Yost Reveals Connecticut’s Coast.

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