Diáfana mañana (Diaphanous Morning), 2022

by Alberto Hernández Reyes (b. 1976)
Acrylic on linen
28⅛ x 22 inches
Signed and dated lower right: Reyes 2022; on verso: ALBERTO HDEZ REYES / TITLE: “DIÁFANA MAÑANA” / MEDIUM: ACRYLIC / LINEN / SIZE: 28 X 22 IN / 2022

Artist Biography

A Cuban painter now living and working in Spain, Alberto Hernández Reyes creates mystical depictions of nature, employing expressive displays of light and color. Reyes is a self-taught artist, having studied medicine at the Higher Institute of Medical Sciences in Havana, Cuba. Today, his work is found in private collections around the world. With its lush flora and hazy atmosphere, Reyes’s monochromatic scenes evoke ideas of a prehistoric land or dreamlike imagination. As described in Cde Cuba: Art Magazine, “Light is responsible for structuring the composition, outlining the contours, forging the bodies and giving volume, while ensuring the blurring of

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