SOLD Dancing Water, Gloucester, Massachusetts

by Jane Peterson (1876–1965)
Oil on canvas
18 x 24¼ inches
Signed lower right: JANE PETERSON


Vose Galleries, Boston, Massachusetts

Private collection, Rhode Island, acquired from above, 1989

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Note: This work exemplifies Jane Peterson’s colorful impasto brushwork, which came to characterize her celebrated depictions of Gloucester harbor. A review from 1917 describes, “Miss Jane Peterson uses strong colors and a broad brush to give the facts about docks and fishing craft and harbors in a somewhat knock-you-down fashion.”[1]

[1] “A Showing of Pastel and Aquarelle,” The Art World 1, no. 6 (March 1917): 381.

Artist Biography

American Painter Who Found Beauty in Exotic Locales and Local Gardens

By Amy Spencer

Best known for her Impressionistic paintings of flowers, Jane Peterson was an adventurer at heart; challenging the conventions of her time she traveled independently on painting trips to Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

I. Biography
II. Chronology
III. Collections
IV. Exhibitions
V. Memberships
VI. Notes
VII. Suggested Resources

I. Biography

Jane Peterson was an artist who achieved significant critical attention and adulation over the course of her career. Following her first American solo

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Related Works

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