Virtual Gallery Visits

Published on September 29th, 2020 | Posted in Questroyal Updates

Questroyal is excited to now offer virtual gallery visits—a chance to view paintings “live” from home. It is the next best thing to being in the gallery. All you need is a device with video capability (smartphone, tablet, or computer) and a few minutes to chat with the Questroyal staff.

Here is a step-by-step breakdown of how virtual visits work and what to expect.  We look forward to seeing you onscreen soon!

1.  Make an appointment with us for your virtual visit

2. Next, the most important question: WHAT PAINTINGS DO YOU WANT TO SEE? Let us know if you have specific requests and we will tailor a customized group of works just for you. You can make a general request, such as “I’d like to see some exciting new acquisitions” or something more specific, such as “please show me all William Trost Richards seascapes under $100,000.”  There is no request too big or small, too broad or specific, and we are excited to share our paintings with you!

3. Confirm which video chat app you prefer (FaceTime, Zoom, Google Meet, etc.)  and the device you will be using to chat with us (smartphone, tablet, or computer). If you need help choosing/downloading an app, please feel free to give us a call [212-744-3586] and we can walk you through it.

a.  If you select FaceTime, please confirm your cell phone number or the email address registered to your tablet. We will contact you via a FaceTime video call at the scheduled time for your virtual visit.

b.  If you select Zoom, please confirm your email address and we will set up a meeting at the chosen day/time. We will send you an invitation with a link to connect, meeting ID#, and password in advance of your scheduled virtual visit. Note: You will need to allow Zoom to access your camera and microphone to be able to see/hear us.

c.  If you select Google Meet please confirm your email address. We will send you an invitation with a link to connect in advance of your scheduled virtual visit.

4. Depending on which video chat app you choose, we will send you “how to” instructions in advance. If you have any questions or need troubleshooting, please don’t hesitate to CONTACT US and we can assist.

Ready for your first virtual visit or still have questions?  CONTACT US