QR Weekly Art News Recap 4/21/23

Published on April 22nd, 2023 | Posted in Art News

Welcome to the Questroyal Fine Art weekly news recap! Here we will be sharing relevant articles about the art world each week. Please enjoy and check back weekly for the latest art news and events.

  1. How Succession Used Art to Foreshadow Its Most Shocking Twist Yet by Amelia Marran-Baden

If you’re up to date on the wildly popular HBO series Succession, you should check out this piece by Amelia Marran-Baden for Artsy. In it, the author discusses some of the ways in which a major plot twist in the most recent episode was foreshadowed by Art featured in previous episodes. A very entertaining and interesting discussion, however, the article reveals several spoilers so be sure to hold off until you’re caught up with the series!

Tiger, Lion and Leopard Hunt, 1616, by Peter Paul Rubens
Tiger, Lion and Leopard Hunt, 1616, by Peter Paul Rubens

Tiger, Lion and Leopard Hunt, 1616, by Peter Paul Rubens



  1. The Whitney is the Latest Museum to Utter the D-Word by Daniel Cassady

Deaccessioning is the process of permanently removing a work of art or object from a museum’s collection. Joining a growing ongoing and controversy-wrought debate, the Whitney Museum of American Art is the latest major institution to begin the process.

“At the Sotheby’s Modern Evening sale next month, an oil painting by Edward Hopper, Cobb’s Barns, South Truro (1930–33), will hit the block with an estimate of $8 million–$12 million. That work is one of eight on the auction docket in May owned by the Whitney Museum of American Art, which is also selling pieces of lesser value by Hopper, Maurice Prendergast, and John Marin.”

Be sure to read the full article for several thought-provoking takes on deaccessioning.

Cobb’s Barns, South Truro (1930–33) by Edward Hopper



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