QR Weekly Art News Recap 3/18/23

Published on March 18th, 2023 | Posted in Art News

Welcome to the inaugural Questroyal Fine Art weekly news recap! Here we will be sharing relevant articles about the art world each week. Please enjoy and check back weekly for the latest art news and events.


1.  See the Canvas. Get the T-shirt. by Louis Wise

Fashion designers have been inspired by painters for quite some time. In the 1960s, Saint Laurent drew color blocking inspiration from Piet Mondrian for an iconic sack dress. Today, many top designers are still looking toward artists of different mediums for inspiration. Check out this article from the Financial Times highlighting a few interesting examples, including Saint Laurent’s look inspired by John Singer Sargent!

Saint Laurent sack dress inspired by Piet Mondrian

See the canvas. Get the T-shirt | Financial Times (ft.com)


2. A Changing of the Guard at the Whitney Brings a New Director by Robin Pogrebin

Adam D. Weinberg will step down as director of the Whitney Museum of American Art after a 20-year tenure in the role. Regarded as the leader behind the Whitney’s immensely successful growth over the past two decades, namely its move from its previous location on Madison Avenue to the Meatpacking District, the article addresses some of Weinberg’s many achievements in the role. Read more to find out about Weinberg’s successor, Scott Rothkopf, and the significance of naming a new director at a major institution like the Whitney.

Adam D. Weinberg (left) and his successor, Scott Rothkopf.



3. Rheingantz x Prendergast at Williams College Museum of Art

In this exciting exhibition at Williams College Museum of Art, the influence of Maurice Brazil Prendergast on Brazilian contemporary artist Marina Rheingantz is explored.

According to the exhibition website, “The museum has the largest holdings of Prendergast, and we have placed watercolors of Italy in dialogue with Rheingantz’s Vavale. Beyond formal similarities of weightless forms created with passages of staccato brushwork, Rheingantz and Prendergast manifest scenes observed or remembered.” Rheingantz x Prendergast opened in December of last year and is ongoing.

Marina Rheingantz, Vavale, 2020



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