Eric Sloane "Taking Us Home"

Published: Jun 11, 2024

Eric Sloane “Taking Us Home”

By Louis Salerno

Eric Sloane recognized that our connection to the land was threatened by a multitude of technological innovations, each of which further distanced man from the natural world. His art motivates us to move away from the monitors, force open a window, inhale the earth’s musk, soil our nails with dirt and our boots with mud, tend our land, grow our vegetables and demand as much vigor of our backs as we require of our minds. This vital relationship with the earth sets our balance so that we are less vulnerable to the rising malaise and anxieties of modern society. Sloane was never aligned with his contemporaries. His art was never cutting edge. Its brilliance is found in its practicality and visualization of an essential ideology. His aging stone and wood barns are not symbolic of a time past but monuments to commemorate the essence of a way of life. The virtues he cherished live on in an art rooted in simplicity and necessity, so elemental as to resonate with even the most disinterested viewer.

Sloane’s work has a place in the humblest of homes or in the galleries of great museums. For those who do not need the slick or popular, it is an art that reeks of the earth but speaks with the authority of the ages.

Eric Sloane paints a red covered bridge above a narrow winter stream with forested hills behind in “America Remembered.”

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