Wooded Landscape

James M. Hart (1828 - 1901)
Oil on canvas
12 x 20 inches


Private collection, Rhode Island

Related Works

Landscape with Deer, 1856, oil on canvas, 29½ x 41½ inches, signed and dated: Jas M. Hart / 1856; Albany Institute of History & Art, New York
Untitled: View On Loon Lake, 1862, oil on canvas, 19 x 32 inches; Adirondack Experience, Blue Mountain Lake, New York


The Adirondack Experience lists the following description for the related work in their collection:

James M. Hart and his older brother William—also an artist—came from Albany, New York. They summered in Keene Valley in the Adirondacks beginning in the 1860s. Hart was a teacher as well as an artist. A keen observer of nature, Hart collaborated with A. F. Tait, beginning in the late 1850s; Hart painted the landscape while Tait depicted the animals. This painting, entirely by Hart, gives evidence of his apt attention to Tait by his own mastery of the animals’ anatomical detail and characteristic poses. Competent draftsmanship, sensitive coloration, and attention to detail made Hart’s straightforward landscapes pleasing to the eye and popular among his mid-century patrons.

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