Robert J. Pattison

Artist Biography

By the time of his death in September 1903, Robert J. Pattison was a noted New York artist and professor of drawing. Pattison was born and raised in New York, where he attended the University of the City of New York. As noted in The New Path, Ruskin and the American Pre-Raphaelites, Pattison became involved in the art world in 1858, when he first exhibited a painting of Long Island at the National Academy of Design. In addition to painting and teaching, Pattison took part in the American Pre-Raphealite’s Association for the Advancement of Truth in Art. Not surprisingly, his landscapes mirror the artistic philosophies of this group as were noted as reflecting “conscientious study and careful execution” in their truth to nature. In addition to the National Academy, Pattison exhibited works at the Boston Athenaeum; Brooklyn Art Association; and Artists’ Fund Society.

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