Parker Mann

Artist Biography

Parker Mann was an active member of the artistic community in nineteenth-century Washington DC. He was so active, in fact, that one reporter from Harper’s Bazaar referred to the painter as “the moving spirit and main-spring in all [the] art movement and organization” that saw the establishment of the DC Art Students’ League and Washington Society of Artists. Indeed, Mann was a main player in these associations, serving as president of the Students’ League; he also played the role of patron, collecting his fellow artists’ modern landscapes to hang in his home on Connecticut Avenue. Mann’s demonstrated leadership in the arts was perhaps made possible by his own productions—beautifully painted and drawn land- and cityscapes that evoke a dream-like state with hazy, atmospheric light. The artist’s popularity was bolstered by his exhibited works, some of which were shown at the National Academy of Design; Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts; with the Society of Independent Artists; and Washington Water Color Club. Today, his works form part of private collections nationwide and museums including the Strong Museum in Rochester, New York.

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