Morston Constantine Ream

Artist Biography

Morston Constantine Ream was an accomplished still-life painter in the nineteenth century. Born in Lancaster, Ohio, he began his artistic career in 1860 as a photographer using the early medium of daguerreotype. About 1868, he determined that contemporary photographic methods were detrimental to his health and turned to painting instead. Although Ream created some landscapes and genre scenes, his focus, like that of his brother Carducius, was on still-life painting. Influenced by John Ruskin’s writings, Ream approached his compositions with a determined realism and honesty; his previous experience with photography leant itself to this unaffected vision as well. He exhibited in Ohio, New York, and San Francisco, and his work was displayed at some of the most prestigious venues of the day, including the Art Institute of Chicago, Brooklyn Art Association, National Academy of Design, and Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

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