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Louis Lozowick

(1892 - 1973)

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    Born in Ludvinovka, Ukraine, Louis Lozowick is best known for his lithographs depicting industrial scenes through strong geometric forms. A young Lozowick showed early talent for art, and he began studying at the Kiev Art School before leaving for the United States in 1906 following the outbreak of the Russian Revolution of 1905. Lozowick continued his artistic training in New York at the National Academy of Design, studying with American painters Leon Kroll and Emil Carlsen. He later graduated from Ohio State University and, in 1918, entered the army, serving briefly until 1919. Lozowick spent the next several years traveling, first throughout the United States and then across Europe. Spending time in Paris, Berlin, and Moscow, Lozowick encountered a variety of artists during this period. He took a particular interest in the constructivists in Germany and exhibited his work in Dusseldorf on several occasions. It is here in Germany where the artist first took to lithography, a process he would continue to explore once back in the United States.

    By 1924, with most of his funds depleted, Lozowick returned to New York. Alongside precisionist painter Charles Sheeler, and others, Lozowick organized the 1927 Machine Age Exposition at Steinway Hall in New York. He later held a solo exhibition of lithographs in 1929, while federal funding provided the artist the opportunity to create a pair of murals for the New York City General Post Office. In addition to creating his own works, Lozowick lectured at the Société Anonyme, joined the editorial board of the New Masses magazine, and served as secretary to the American Artists’ Congress. In 1943, Lozowick moved to South Orange, New Jersey with his family, where he continued to teach and create lithographs for the rest of his life. Today his work is found in numerous prominent museum collections, including the Whitney Museum of American Art, Smithsonian American Art Museum, and the British Museum.

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