Laurence A. Campbell

Artist Biography

Born in 1939, Laurence A. Campbell was fascinated with art from a young age. He grew up near the Philadelphia Museum of Art and Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art and visited these renowned institutions often to appreciate their collections. Campbell went on to study architecture at Temple University in Philadelphia and later formed his construction company in the 1960s. Throughout his career in construction, Campbell regularly painted reproductions of well-known artists for his clients, leading him to establish his own gallery in Westmont, New Jersey in 1970. Campbell’s favorite subjects were city scenes of Philadelphia and New York, using the American flag as a frequent motif. His paintings feature subtle palettes and are imbued with light reminiscent of impressionist masters. A social recluse, Campbell rejected publicity and public engagements, eventually closing his gallery in the early 90s. Campbell stopped painting in 2003 and lives a quiet life with his wife, Evie. Campbell’s work is found at the Mennello Museum of American Art and at leading auction houses around the country.

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