Karl Emil Termohlen

Artist Biography

Karl Emil Termohlen was a gifted member of the Tonalist movement that seized turn-of-the-century American art. Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Termohlen was raised by a family of artists and began painting and writing at a young age. He spent the first part of his career in France and Italy, painting twilit landscapes along the Mediterranean, and moved to the United States at the end of the nineteenth century. There, he established himself within Chicago’s artistic community and gained recognition for his numinous, atmospheric effects. Best known for his mysterious nocturnes, Termohlen was a versatile artist who tried his hand at every subject, creating still lifes, portraits, and animal paintings in addition to landscapes and seascapes. Yet the magic of his paintings was his feeling for color and light, which he transformed into blazing sunsets and shimmering moonlights. As his fame grew, Termohlen exhibited at the Art Institute of Chicago and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.

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