George Washington Nicholson

Artist Biography

George Washington Nicholson was born in New Jersey and lived in Philadelphia for the majority of his life; however, he frequently traveled outside the area in search of artistic training and subject matter. According to Michael David Zellman, the artist was stricken by a wanderlust that carried him to distant counties including England and Egypt, as well as France, where he was a pupil of the French artist, Isabey. Nicholson returned to Philadelphia where he painted in a style reminiscent of his teacher; loose brushwork, occasional impasto, and an eye towards Romantic depictions of the landscape – and particularly night scenes - are common throughout the American’s oeuvre. Nicholson exhibited his works, including those of European subject matter, at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts; National Academy of Design; Art Institute of Chicago; and with the Brooklyn Art Association. His work may be seen at the Pennsylvania Statehouse in Harrisburg.

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