Archibald Carey Smith

Artist Biography

Archibald Carey Smith was a talented marine painter whose knowledge of the sea stemmed from his work as a yacht designer. The son of the ship-portrait painter Joseph B. Smith, Archibald worked as a shipwright in New York City until 1863, when he studied painting under Mauritz De Haas. His seascapes combined meticulous depictions of boats with a decidedly-romantic cast, involving perilous shipwrecks, roiling waves, and immense oceans. He went on to design important yachts for the America’s Cup race, lecture on naval architecture, create illustrations for popular magazines, and teach another prominent marine painter, James Gale Tyler. He exhibited at the National Academy of Design, the Brooklyn Art Association, and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. His paintings are relatively rare today but can be found in several important collections, including the New York Yacht Club.

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